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The principal undergraduate honours degree course in the School of Chemistry provides students with a broad base in the subject, with approximately equal time being given to each of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. The School also teaches four-year honours degree courses in Chemistry with Molecular Modelling and in Medicinal Chemistry.The latter is especially tuned to fostering and training the creative talents and skills required for the pharmaceutical industry, which is a major employer in Ireland.

The School also teaches, in conjunction with the School of Physics, the Moderatorship in Nanochemistry, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (N-PCAM) - an honours course specializing in the study of materials for electronic, optoelectronic and related applications. The School also provides modules in Chemistry to other Science students, and to students of Engineering and Health Sciences.

The School has an active research programme that spans all sub-disciplines of Chemistry, and is involved in a great many inter-departmental and international research programmes.

Entry Requirements: Entry requirements and other information can be found in the TCD Prospectus:

Last updated 28 March 2018